Art Exhibition II featuring a collection of paintings, drawings and the unimaginable - in all sorts of mediums from South London Artists Odette Mysterion, Zsa Zsa Capacitor, Martyn Smith, Alice Carman & Stella.

The Exhibition will also feature live music from disco songtress Vanity Fairy, Sonic Eyes With Alice Carman, & a special solo performance from the legendary Patrick Lyons!


There will be a solidarity entry price of £3 with all the ticket proceeds going to the artists and musicians. Tickets will be limited to how many peeps we can fit in the building - so preorder your ticket now to support the art & music and ensure your entrance!


Join us at the beautiful space known as the Green Cactus, across the road from Streatham Train Station, for a night of visual and audio delights - with Art you can hear and Music you can see.

exhibition 2 final_edited.jpg