Mysterion Art Lab was started by Gavin and Odette Mysterion many moons ago. We can’t remember why we started it but now we use it to show all the music and art that we do ourselves and with our friends. We’re based in South London and wouldn’t have it any other way.


Gavin is a musician, songwriter, poet and producer who writes, records and plays music with Sonic Eyes and Scud FM. He has just co-written and co-produced the first full length solo LP 'Sapiosexual' by Scud comrade Zsa Zsa Sapien, recorded in our own art lab and released DIY style by the artists themselves.   


Odette is an artist and photographer who has designed single covers for Sonic Eyes and Scud FM, created many posters for gigs around South London including The Deli Lama, The Windmill, The Hideaway and Pure Vinyl Records, and has DJ’d her vinyl records at all of these amazing venues. She is currently working on a collection of ink drawings for an upcoming exhibition.


We are in love with each other.