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Sonic Eyes is the electro beats eye sockets & ear worms of Gavin Mysterion on electronics, poems & vocals and involves a horizon of collabs with beloved compadres Dan GB on guitar, Alice Carman, Zsa Zsa Sapien, Cat Rin, Peter Harris and many more beautiful peeps.

1st LP "Hearing with Sonic Eyes" was released in 2021 (in the same year as the "Sapiosexual" collaboration LP with Zsa Zsa Sapien) and followed in early 2023 by "Wheel of Thought Tune" - an electro beats album made and recorded without computers.

2023 sees & hears Sonic Eyes embarking on the "At the End of the World" UK tour with Alice Carman - to spread the gnosis & tunes from their upcoming Sonic Eyes & Alice Carman LP - being completed at Mysterion Art Lab as you read, as well as another brand new album recorded and produced by Aldis Petersons.

Sonic Eyes makes music to dance out the end times into the new times to.

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