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The second pressing of the debut LP by SONIC EYES "Hearing with Sonic Eyes" is now available!! Limited pressing of 140 copies!!


Gavin Mysterion & Dan GB (from South London band & art cluster Scud FM) recorded the LP at Mysterion Art Lab in Lambeth, South London and Dan's studio in Italy across 2019 - 2021. The LP also features songs with fellow Scuds Zsa Zsa Sapien & Trixie Malixie, as well as South London poet laureate Patrick Lyons.


It's a noise box William Blake wormhole of beats, words & guitar to dance out of the end times and into the new times to. It also features the now sold out singles "Prophesy Snake" & "Graphite Sweepers".


This Handmade Edition includes a quality cover designed and printed by Odette Mysterion and a vinyl Mysterion Art Lab sticker on the back. Every 180gram record will also be individually labelled by the musicians.


Unfortunately this site is only available to order postage within UK but any friends outside of the UK please contact us and we can try and arrange something. 


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