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SAPIOSEXUAL - the 2021 underground LP of the year* by ZSA ZSA SAPIEN (Meatraffle/SCUD FM/HIFI TWINS) & GAVIN MYSTERION (SONIC EYES/SCUD FM/MYSTERION ART LAB) is now available again on vinyl reissue! Strictly Limited to a pressing of 111 copies!!


Recorded in 2020 at Mysterion Art Lab, South London, with the mix & mastering help of Brixton Windmill's sound engineer extraordinaire Aldis Petersons, it features the now sold out singles "Yuppies Out" & "Sports Casual Halloween Party".  


It was originally released in early 2021 with handmade coverart by the artists themselves over unwanted & discarded recycled LP sleeves by major label musicians, and included individually hand painted LPs with art prints and memorabilia from the Sapien/Mysterion artchives.


ALL of these original editions are now SOLD OUT so this 2022 reissue is the only way to get your hands on this piece of audio art.


This lovingly crafted 180 gram black vinyl reissue pays homage to that same Bastard Parasite Art ethos - with a full color reproduction of one of the original handmade covers pasted on a recycled cover & includes an LP info card.


Unfortunately due to shitty circumstances it is very difficult to post outside UK so please contact us via the contacts page and we can try and organise something.





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