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Yuppies Out/Sports Casual Halloween Party

 7" Ultra Limited Edition Crystal Clear Vinyl


The first “double A-side” single from Zsa Zsa Zapien’s upcoming epic solo LP “Sapiosexual”.

Recorded & written with Gavin Mysterion (Scud FM/Sonic Eyes), produced at Mysterion Art Lab & mixed & mastered with Aldis Petersons (Brixton Windmill’s sound engineer extraordinaire) at Speedy Wunderground’s mastering studio!


Each 7” single comes with:

* An individual cover designed and printed by Zsa Zsa himself

* An exclusive download code to access an unreleased song from the LP sessions that will not be available anywhere else on this or any other planet!

* & a strictly limited, hand numbered & signed edition of Zsa Zsa's “Hail Saultan” Yuppies Out art print.




There are only a very limited number of these singles & prints available – once they are sold they will be as rare as monoliths upon a desert mountain top – so be quick – it’s a banger!

Zsa Zsa Zapien - Yuppies Out! Ultra Ltd 7" Crystal Clear Vinyl

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