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the new LP by ZSA ZSA ZAPIEN (Meatraffle/Scud FM) is now available on 180 gram black vinyl!

Strictly limited edition 1st Pressing with DOUBLE POCKET LP Sleeve.

LIMITED TO 111 copies only. Each copy will be totally unique, individually numbered and created by the artists themselves!!


Recorded & co-written with Scud FM comrade Gavin Mysterion (Sonic Eyes) at South London's Mysterion Art Lab & mixed & mastered with Windmill Brixton sound engineer extraordinaire Aldis Petersons.


Each LP will contain:

* A 180 gram black vinyl 1st pressing of the LP Sapiosexual, hand labeled by the artists.

* A deluxe double pocket cover sleeve hand designed and screen printed by Zsa Zsa himself including a limited edition Mysterion Art Lab vinyl sticker label.

* An A4 LP info card printed on recycled cardboard.

* A limited edition 1st pressing double pocket with art prints, pics and anti-propaganda from Zsa Zsa & Gavin.




Zsa Zsa Zapien - "Sapiosexual" LP 180g Ltd DELUXE EDITION

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